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Monday, June 11, 2012

My granson Trentons Graduation

My very good looking grandson Trenton graduated with honors this May and was a awarded a full scholarship to UCLA!!! We are so proud of him!! He has been blessed with two terrific parents that have been there to quide him every step of the way.. You are awesome!!!
 Trent in the middle with Sarah and Matt getting their caps and gowns on.
 Dave, Trents dad, my son,  hugging Trent! Touching moment.
 Trent with his mom and dad. They are great parents and he is a great kid. Sorry about the red in the eyes!
 Trent with his four buddies that also graduated. Big pool party for them at Country Club.
 We just had to paint it and drive around town with it! Can't tell you enough how proud we are of him.
Trent and I

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  1. He's definitely worth being proud of! I'm very pleased for your family, Rosie. Congratulations on having such a great family.